Big Case Experience and Results

The largest litigation matters present unique challenges and significant risk. In large, complex disputes, knowing that your retained experts have the experience and credibility that stand up to the intense scrutiny of high-stakes litigation is non-negotiable.

The experienced team at Echelon has a proven record of providing accurate and credible expert witness services in the largest lawsuits. We have also worked across a broad spectrum of industries, including banking, computer/electronics, health care, manufacturing, oil and gas, and software/mobile device apps. Our experts understand how large litigation differs from smaller matters and in particular some key requirements for ensuring that the expert’s opinions are defensible and credibly presented, such as:

  • Discovery of issue-critical information that may have either a favorable or detrimental impact on your client’s position.
  • A complete analysis of all information, including financial modeling, calculations, and projections of past, present, and future impact.
  • Clear and effective presentation of complex information to both the litigation team and judge or jury.


Below is a sample of the larger cases in which we have played key roles in recent years. Please contact our office for a complete list or to discuss our experience in a unique industry or type of dispute.


  • Alacritech, Inc. v. Tier 3, Inc., Savvis Communications Corp., CenturyLink Communications LLC, Wistron Corporation, Wiwynn Corporation, SMS Infocomm Corporation, Dell Inc.
  • Apple Inc. v. Wi-LAN, Inc.
  • Cellular Communications Equipment LLC v. AT&T Inc., et al.
  • The Fan Expo, LLC v. National Football League and Electronic Arts Inc.
  • GENBAND v. Metaswitch
  • HMS v. PCG, et al.
  • Keranos, LLC v. Silicon Storage Technology, Inc., et al.
  • Lodsys Group, LLC v. AVG Technologies, et al.
  • Microlinc LLC v. Intel Corporation, et al.
  • Motorola Mobility, Inc. v. Apple Inc.
  • Smith & Nephew, Inc. v. Arthrex, Inc.
  • Surfcast, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation

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